American Football

1999's genre-defining American Football introduced us to the house that emo built, its belated 2016 self-titled follow-up took us on a tour of the interior, and now the band and their label own the fucking thing. For the housewarming party, Bandbox is reissuing both albums!

American Football's beloved first two records, known to fans as LP1 and LP2, are now on Bandbox-only rainbow swirl and green vinyl, respectively. Released via Polyvinyl, they join our sold-out exclusive color pressing of 2019's LP3 to complete the influential second-wave emo outfit's full-length discography in the Bandbox catalog.

Both titles are accompanied by our American Football fanzine, which includes an oral history of the group, a breakdown of the best YouTube memes based on their signature tune "Never Meant," exclusive photos and much more. LP1 and LP2 are available as one-time purchases for $39.99 each and can be bundled for $69.99 ($10 off).



10th anniversary edition (in North America) of prodigious Mercury Prize-winning 2012 debut


20th anniversary edition of 2002 indie hip-hop classic out of MN; first time on colored vinyl

Jimmy Eat World

25th anniversary edition of Static Prevails; first pressing with original cover art since 1996

Death Cab for Cutie

15th anniversary edition of 2005's platinum-selling Plans; first time on colored vinyl


"Bandbox has found a way to bring something unique to the vinyl buying experience.  In a world full of copycat retailers, the fun and engaging zines combined with exclusive colors keep me coming back."


"Reading the liner notes of an album has always been an integral part of the vinyl experience. The Bandbox zine included with each album really enhances that!"


"Sound is what vinyl's all about, and these Bandbox pressings sound amazing! Then they also include a zine for a deeper look into some great artists. And, have you seen these records?! Beautiful."