The Used

The Used’s first two albums for Hopeless Records, 2012’s Vulnerable and 2014’s Imaginary Enemy, are back on vinyl for the first time since their original releases… exclusively from Bandbox!

Vulnerable (red + white twist) and Imaginary Enemy (orange + black A-side/B-side) continued the Utah emo hitmakers’ run of creative and commercial triumphs, sporting fan favorites like “I Come Alive” and “Cry” and both debuting at #1 on Billboard’s Independent Albums chart. These new reissues are accompanied by The Used issue of our signature fanzine, which includes interviews with the band, career-spanning features, rare photos and more.

“Just like any other Used record, it’s a horse of many colors. There are a lot of soft and heavy sounds, there are a lot of brutal, sharp, bright sounds, and the tempos are anywhere from ultra-slow to super fast and heavy,” frontman Bert McCracken said of Vulnerable in 2012, while he introduced its politically-minded follow-up with a call to arms: “We the people, in order to form a more perfect planet, must question the way the world works — and where the world is heading. Some view art as a way of escaping reality; others view art as a mirror reflecting our sometimes sad society; we believe art can be a weapon, used to shape the very world we live in. The Used is proud to present to you Imaginary Enemy.”

The Bandbox editions of Vulnerable and Imaginary Enemy are now available at bandboxrocks.com for $39.99 each and can be bundled together for $69.99 ($10 off).


"Bandbox has found a way to bring something unique to the vinyl buying experience.  In a world full of copycat retailers, the fun and engaging zines combined with exclusive colors keep me coming back."


"Reading the liner notes of an album has always been an integral part of the vinyl experience. The Bandbox zine included with each album really enhances that!"


"Sound is what vinyl's all about, and these Bandbox pressings sound amazing! Then they also include a zine for a deeper look into some great artists. And, have you seen these records?! Beautiful."