2023 marks a decade since GWAR's Battle Maximus, and Bandbox is bloody happy to present the record's 10th anniversary edition on exclusive 2xLP stained glass vinyl.

Battle Maximus, the last album the costumed metalhead warriors recorded with late singer Oderus Urungus and itself a tribute to fallen guitarist Flattus Maximus, has been remixed and remastered for the special occasion and includes the vocalist's final performance with the previously-unheard bonus track "Tammy, Queen of Dirt."

“Ten years after its initial release, the wounds are just as fresh. The words that Oderus wrote as a tribute to Flattus Maximus gain new meaning when heard as the final lyrics he would ever sing," says axeman Balsac the Jaws of Death. "The songs echo in stereo through the twin holes that were left in our hearts by the absence of Oderus and Flattus. This new remix of Battle Maximus breathes new life into this album that demands to be considered as one of GWAR's greatest.”

The Bandbox variant of Battle Maximus's 10th anniversary edition is accompanied by our signature fanzine, and the GWAR issue features interviews with vocalist Blothar the Berserker and guitarist Pustulus Maximus, Oderus's handwritten lyrics, behind-the-mask photos and much more.

Battle Maximus also sports redesigned cover art, an embossed sleeve and expanded packaging, and is available now at bandboxrocks.com for the one-time purchase price of $42.99.


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