Each week, our Box Populi Subscriber Spotlight takes us inside the record collection of one of Bandbox's valued subscribers. For this installment, we asked Jeremy from Texas a little bit about his personal stash! 

Where ya from, Jeremy? Just south of Dallas-Ft. Worth in Texas

When did you start collecting records? 2019

How long have you been a Bandbox subscriber? Since December 2019

How many records do you own? 100ish

What's your favorite album you own? Prince "1999 Remastered" - This is a fantastic remaster and sounds phenomenal on vinyl.

What's your favorite record store, and why? www.bandboxrocks.com - You guys are helping me out in a big way in building my vinyl collection.

What do you love most about collecting records? Coming across some old gems that I never really checked out when they were released.

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