Each week, Box Populi takes us inside the record collection of one of our valued subscribers. For this installment, we asked Kevin from Colorado a little bit about his personal stash! 

Where ya from, Kevin? Southern Colorado

When did you start collecting records? When I was 5

How long have you been a Bandbox subscriber? From the beginning ...

How many records do you own? More than i can keep up with. They just seem to find their way to me ..

What's your favorite album you own, and why? Jim Hall Live! Jim Hall was arguably the greatest jazz guitarist that's ever lived. No one that's aware of him does not stand in intense admiration, at the very least. This album was recorded at the Bourbon Street Jazz Club in Toronto in 1975. It's complete with noise from a very respectful crowd but you can hear glasses tinking in the background. It's a trio with Don Thompson on bass and Terry Clarke on drums. The collaboration between these three musicians is intense, intoxicating, and incredible. Hall weaves in and out, comping and soloing, instantly creating a little orchestra on the spot. If you haven't listened to it once, you should. and then you'll listen again and again!

What's the rarest record you own?: John Fahey, The Transfiguration of Blind Joe Death.

What's your favorite record store, and why? I'm old enough to have seen many stores come and go. I never walked into a Tower Records that I didn't like. There was a store called Karma Records in my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, that will always have a special place in my heart, and another from there, a place called ear x-tacy.

What was your most recent haul? A very kind gift of a collection of a few hundred albums from a dear friend who passed away too soon by the name of Bill Carson. There are Edith Piaf records. There are Lotte Lenya albums. There's everything from Frank Sinatra to Harry Nillson to the Village People. Bless his lovely heart. Thank you, Bill.

What do you love most about collecting records? The hunt and the kill. Haha. Really, discovering music in it's nascent form, the phonograph album. The way it's meant to be played and enjoyed. Everything else is simply derivative.

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