Each week, our Box Populi Subscriber Spotlight takes us inside the record collection of one of Bandbox's valued subscribers. For this installment, we asked Shane from beautiful Ottawa a little bit about his stash! 

Where ya from, Shane? Ottawa, Canada

When did you start collecting records? Age 6

How long have you been a Bandbox subscriber? Since Charly Bliss became one of your exclusives (Summer 2020)

How many records do you own? Over 1,000

What's your favorite album you own? Hayden - Everything I Long For

What's the rarest record you own? The Pack AD's sand filled 7" (1/10)

What's your favorite record store, and why? Tiny Record Shop. So much rare vinyl.

What was your most recent haul? Elliott Smith - Elliott Smith Anniversary Edition on yellow vinyl

What do you love most about collecting records? The packaging

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