Bandbox Exclusive Red + Black Quad Vinyl

American Weekend


Waxahatchee - American Weekend (Bandbox Exclusive Red + Black Quad Vinyl)


We here at Bandbox clearly love the music of Katie Crutchfield, the creative mastermind behind Waxahatchee. We released a colored vinyl exclusive of Waxahatchee's brilliant 2020 album, 'Saint Cloud,' on a striking "Red-In-Blue" variant. We quickly realized that we needed more of Crutchfield's stirring music in our catalog, and we were thrilled to follow up 'Saint Cloud' by reissuing the first two Waxahatchee albums, 'American Weekend' (on "Red + Black Quad" vinyl) and 'Cerulean Salt' (on "Blue + White Quad" vinyl). This brilliant trio of albums represents some of the best pure songwriting in American music today. Crutchfield's songs stay with you long after her music stops playing, working their way into your heart and your mind with their raw vulnerability and worldly insight. These Bandbox exclusive vinyl releases all come with a 16-page Waxahatchee zine, featuring an interview with Katie Crutchfiled where she generously shares stories about her blossoming career and the inspirations behind her truly meaningful and moving songs.