Bandbox Exclusive Blue Swirl Vinyl


Cap'n Jazz

Cap'n Jazz Analphabetapolothology (Bandbox Exclusive Blue Swirl Vinyl)


Chicago's Cap'n Jazz weren't together very long, but they continue to be a hugely influential band for their emo and indie rock peers who came after them. The quintet's adventurous sonic discord is on full display on 'Analphabetapolothology,' a rousing 2LP Cap'n Jazz retrospective compilation that Bandbox is proud to reissue on "Blue Swirl" vinyl. The 12 tracks from their potent 1995 full-length debut (and only official studio album) "Shmap'n Shmazz' are on here in all their fitful glory, as are a collection of songs from the band's early singles and EPs, unreleased demos, outtakes, and live tracks. A majority of these raw, innovative, and exploratory tunes were written and recorded while most of the band were still teenagers, figuring out tendencies and trappings of the music industry as well as the recording studio as they navigated that unpredictable time of their own personal lives. 'Analphabetapolothology' is a wonderful and weird cross section of what made Cap'n Jazz unique and unforgettable, while giving listeners a musical road map for where the emo scene was heading in the future. Once Cap'n Jazz inevitably broke up, for they were never built to last, their band members went on to form Joan Of Arc, The Promise Ring, Owls, American Football, and Owen, among others, with those groups helping define the indie rock sound for the next generation of music fans. In addition to Bandbox's stunning 2LP blue vinyl pressing of 'Analphabetapolothology,' our edition also comes with a 16-page zine featuring a generous and insightful oral history of Cap'n Jazz told by the band themselves, along with wonderful photographs from that groundbreaking era of Midwestern emo that boldly and brazenly changed the direction of modern music.