Bandbox Exclusive Cloudy Dark Green Vinyl

All the Truth That I Can Tell

Dashboard Confessional

Dashboard Confessional - All the Truth That I Can Tell (Bandbox Exclusive Cloudy Dark Green Vinyl)


Bandbox is pleased to offer Dashboard Confessional's ninth studio album, 'All The Truth That I Can Tell,' on exclusive "Cloudy Dark Green 'Starting To Storm'" colored vinyl. Dashboard's songwriter/frontman/founder Chris Carrabba continues his penetrating lyrical self-examination on this record, with a worldview that benefits from the personal clarity that comes with time and distance. The new songs sound inspired and rejuvenated, as both the hooks and the words hit home with an equal potency. Our Bandbox vinyl exclusive also comes with a 16-page zine featuring an in-depth interview with Carrabba, along with his perceptive track-by-track guide to the album where he generously shares the inspirations and insights into the wonderful songs that make up 'All The Truth That I Can Tell.'