Bandbox Exclusive Metallic Gold Vinyl

A Beautiful Life

Heartless Bastards

Heartless Bastards - A Beautiful Life (Bandbox Exclusive Metallic Gold Vinyl


After releasing a solo album under her own name in 2018, Erika Wennerstrom revived Heartless Bastards and got her band back together for 2021's 'A Beautiful Life.' Bandbox is thrilled to offer a 2LP vinyl exclusive of the new HB's record, pressed on a glorious "Metallic Gold" color variant. This vulnerable but self-assured album is filled with songs that encourage listeners to reject the social trappings and online ills of modern society in favor of finding yourself first and foremost. Wennerstrom's vocals sound golden throughout the album, imbued with just enough rough edges around the corners to let you know she has lived through the trying experiences she is singing about and learned those hard lessons firsthand. 'A Beautiful Life' is a hopeful album for uncertain times, filled with perceptive lyrical mantras to help center yourself while the world spins wildly out of control around you. In addition to Bandbox's stunning metallic gold 2LP vinyl set, our exclusive edition of 'A Beautiful Life' comes with a 16-page Heartless Bastards zine, featuring photos of the band in the studio and onstage, as well as an engaging interview with Wennerstrom where she generously goes through the album track-by-track and shares where she was at creatively and personally when she wrote and recorded this stirring new batch of songs.