Bandbox Exclusive Pink Swirl Vinyl

The Arcade


O.A.R. - The Arcade (Bandbox Exclusive Pink Swirl Vinyl)


O.A.R.'s highly anticipated tenth studio album, 'The Arcade,' has finally arrived on vinyl. And this glorious "Pink Swirl" variant is definitely worth the long wait. The Rockville, Maryland quintet has cultivated a growing and dedicated fan base over their illustrious 26-year career, with epic and engaging live shows -- including selling out legendary venues like Madison Square Garden and Red Rocks -- and a series of innovative albums that resonate with listeners who have passionately taken O.A.R.'s songs to heart over the years. The band released the catchy lead single, 'Alive,' in late 2021 to get fans excited about their forthcoming new album as well as a sprawling U.S. tour in support of the record. The expansive follow-up single, "In The Clouds," was accompanied by a playful music video starring Barstool Sports’ John Feitelberg. In addition to the gorgeous colored vinyl, Bandbox's version of 'The Arcade' also features an insightful interview with the band where they also go track-by-track through their new album and discuss the long history of the group and where they are now creatively, personally, and professionally.