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Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith - Either/Or (Bandbox Exclusive Orange Vinyl)


Bandbox is honored to issue this exclusive orange vinyl pressing of Elliott Smith's brilliant album, 'Either/Or.' Smith's third studio record was originally released in 1997, and the use of three of the album's songs on the soundtrack of Gus Van Sant's hit film, 'Good Will Hunting,' helped bring Smith's music to the masses and put him in squarely in the industry spotlight even though all the attention made him uncomfortable. A new song that Smith wrote specifically for the film, "Miss Misery," was even nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song at the 1998 Academy Awards. But rather than being a clear commercial attempt to win over a music world that had largely ignored Smith's work up to that point, 'Either/Or' is a fragile, understated masterpiece that is filled with raw emotions and heartbreaking sensitivity. The unguarded, lo-fi charms of 'Either/Or' have only grown since Elliott's untimely death in 2003, with fans and critics alike all holding this album close to their hearts and near the top of their lists of one of the best records of the last 30 years.