Bandbox Exclusive Tan + Blue Splatter Vinyl

Static Prevails

Jimmy Eat World

Jimmy Eat World - Static Prevails (Bandbox Exclusive Tan + Blue Splatter Vinyl)


Bandbox is ecstatic to release Jimmy Eat World's second-wave emo classic, 'Static Prevails,' on stylish tan + blue splatter vinyl. We've restored the album's original cover art for the first time since it was initially released in 1996. These emo jams still hit as hard as they did back in the Nineties, as the Mesa, Arizona, indie band brushed aside the pressure of signing to a major label, Capitol Records, delivering one of the best albums of their nearly 30-year career. Our exclusive 2xLP vinyl pressing of 'Static Prevails' also comes with a full-color 16-page zine featuring Jimmy Eat World's track-by-track guide to the record, augmented by wonderful photographs of the band from that memorable era.



Jimmy Eat World - "Rockstar"