Bandbox Exclusive Clear + Black Swirl Vinyl

Silver Age

Bob Mould

Bob Mould - Silver Age (Bandbox Exclusive Clear + Black Swirl Vinyl)


Bandbox is pleased to present a 10th anniversary exclusive vinyl pressing of Bob Mould's stellar album, 'Silver Age.' Our "Clear + Black Swirl" color variant compliments the spare, icy desolation of Maggie Frost's striking album art. Mould was fresh off working on a 20th anniversary reissue of Sugar's 'Copper Blue' while writing and recording 'Silver Age,' his tenth solo album. That brief but reflective look back at his early career clearly inspired and invigorated the punk legend, as did working with his cracking touring band at the time, bassist Jason Narducy and Superchunk drummer, Jon Wurster. The trio sound fiery and focused throughout 'Silver Age,' with the rousing opening track "Star Machine" announcing the band's potent, anti-commercial intentions straight away. The rest of the boisterous album reinforces the fact that Mould still has something vital to say creatively, and that he's far from slowed down as he has gotten older. As if the gorgeous colored vinyl wasn't enough to entice you, Bandbox's exclusive version of 'Silver Age' also includes a sticker sheet (first 300 orders) featuring symbols from each of the ten tracks on the record, as well as a full-color, 16-page Bob Mould zine, featuring his track-by-track guide to the album as well as an engaging, career-spanning interview with the indie rock icon.

*Bandbox does not have territorial rights to ship our exclusive pressing of Silver Age to Europe, any orders by European customers will be cancelled and refunded. Thanks for understanding.