Bandbox Exclusive Sage + White Marble Vinyl

Carving Canyons


Lissie - Carving Canyons (Bandbox Exclusive Sage + White Marble Vinyl)


Fresh off playing Bandbox's Popup Record Shop in 2021, Lissie is back with a new record, 'Carving Canyons.' We are delighted to offer an exclusive pressing of her wonderful album on "Sage + White Marble" vinyl. 'Carving Canyons' is tinged with loneliness and heartbreak, due to Lissie experiencing a painful breakup during the pandemic. But there is a hopeful, personal resolve that courses through these songs, leaving the listener both comforted if they need solace and uplifted if they need the strength. In addition to our lovely colored vinyl pressing of 'Carving Canyons,' the Bandbox exclusive also comes with a 16-page zine dedicated to Lissie, featuring pro-shot photographs from her performance at our popup, essays about her career, as well as an engaging and revealing interview with Lissie herself, where she talks about where she was creatively and personally when she wrote and recorded 'Carving Canyons,' as well as her candid track-by-track breakdown of each song on her new album.