Bandbox Exclusive Orange + Black + White Vinyl

The Illusion of Safety


Thrice - The Illusion of Safety (Bandbox Exclusive Orange + Black + White A-Side/B-Side Vinyl)


Bandbox is psyched to share a 20th anniversary vinyl edition of Thrice's potent second album, 'The Illusion Of Safety.' Our exclusive pressing is on "Orange + Black + White A-Side/B-Side" vinyl, and is limited to 500 copies. The post-hardcore breakout hits "Betrayal Is A Symptom" and "Deadbolt" still pack the same sonic punch they did back in 2002, as the Irvine, California quartet seamlessly fused their emo/screamo style with a classic Cali punk-pop sound and their hardcore influences. It all added up to a fresh new direction in metal, one that Thrice continues to explore during their illustrious two decade+ career. Our Bandbox exclusive vinyl also comes with a 16-page Thrice zine featuring a band interview, an insightful track-by-track guide through the album, and vibrant photographs of the group from that pivotal era in their history.