Beach Bunny’s Honeymoon has the cure for whatever ails you. 

Have a broken heart? Beach Bunny founder Lily Trifilio has been there and gotten over that. And she’s transformed that pain and heartache into bristling pop punk jams, getting the potent final word on anyone who has ever wronged her. 

Have a bad case of FOMO because your friends are off having the time of their lives without you? Put Honeymoon on and dance wildly around your room with the volume turned up, because these rousing songs are more fun than whatever your so-called friends are up to.

Feeling depressed because you haven’t found your place in the world? Beach Bunny’s spirited, uplifting songs will remind you that there are plenty of people who feel just as lost and lonely as you do, and music has the power to bring all of us together, if only for Honeymoon’s whirlwind 25-minute running time. 

Still feel blue? Flip the record over and experience all those raw feelings once again until you start to forget why you were even sad in the first place. Beach Bunny and their growing fanbase of musical allies are all on your side even when the whole world seems to be against you.

That is admittedly a lot of pressure and responsibility to put on such a young band, but the fact of the matter is that the songs on Honeymoon are so emotionally inspiring that you can’t help but feel unified in a musical movement and part of something bigger than yourself while you listen to the music.

“I think from a songwriting perspective, all the songs are pretty sad and I was writing them almost as a therapeutic way of getting my feelings out,” Trifilio shared with us. “So to have people maybe relate and then use those songs to help them get through something, it's really cool.”

What started out as a solo project in Trifilio’s Chicago bedroom has now blossomed into a finely tuned full band that hits their creative stride on Honeymoon. After a series of EPs helped spread the word about Beach Bunny through the indie rock circuit -- and buoyed by the unexpected TikTok viral sensation around their “Prom Queen” single -- the band headed into the legendary Electrical Audio studio to record their full-length debut.

“I think that was our first time working with an official producer and a real studio. So that was a big change for all of us, being in that environment,” says Trifilio. “I think we went in thinking that all songs were done and then the producer kind of helped us modify them and tune them up more.”

Honeymoon is a realization of all the creative promise that Beach Bunny have been building towards during their short but wildly successful career. The record catapulted the quartet onto high profile year-end Best Of lists as well as the massive stages of Lollapalooza and Riot Fest.

But as the band is currently busy recording their highly anticipated second album, you can’t help but think that Beach Bunny are just getting started and are destined for bigger and better things. And we will follow them wherever they decide to take us, as we leave our painful breakups and bad days far behind and lose ourselves in the magic of their music. 

Bandbox is excited to offer Honeymoon on magenta vinyl. This exclusive pressing ships in June and comes with a 16-page, full-color Beach Bunny zine, featuring a track-by-track band commentary of Honeymoon, rare photos, and more.