Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

What’s in a Bandbox?

Every Bandbox includes the album of your choice (from over 100 options) and an issue of our full-color 16-page fanzine, centered around your selected artist. Also, be ready for some occasional additional items thrown into your box!

What’s a fanzine?

The Bandbox artist fanzine is what makes the Bandbox experience extra unique and exclusive. This is a booklet (included with every exclusive color pressing) we put together with the featured artist and typically includes a track-by-track guide to the album (from their perspective), in-depth features, rare and/or unseen photos and more! All vinyl bundles come with one zine per bundle. For U.S. customers, please reach out to customer service if you want to request more than one zine per bundle. For any customers outside of the United States who want more than one zine with their bundle, additional shipping charges will be required with your order.

How much does shipping cost?

For domestic shipments, the cost typically starts at $4.99 for single LP and increases depending on the size of the order. That includes Alaska, Hawaii and U.S. territories like Guam and Puerto Rico. 

What is Bandbox’s policy on returns and exchanges?

We prioritize handling returns and exchanges on issues that affect playback and overall sound quality. These issues include: excessively warped vinyl, significantly scratched or scuffed records, excessive noise and pops during playback, and locked grooves. If you encounter these issues with our vinyl, we will send replacements when appropriate and if copies of the records are still available.

Some cosmetic issues arise during the shipping process, and are not considered to be damaged. These cosmetic issues include: seam splits on either the jackets or inner sleeves, dinged or bent corners, and other slight imperfections on the packaging and colored vinyl. These cosmetic issues are often a result of the vinyl shifting during the shipping process, and unforeseen damage that comes from sending vinyl in the mail. In most cases we do not send full replacements for these types of issues, unless the damage is severe. If you have what you believe to be significant damage to your vinyl, record sleeve, or inner jacket, reach out to us at and we can examine your product concerns on a case by case basis.

If you would like to have your albums shipped outside of their jackets to try and avoid seam splits, please add a note to your order OR reach out to We are happy to ship your vinyl orders outside of their jackets if you request this service.

Do you ship internationally?

We sure do! We are shipping internationally with two options:

DHL: All customs, duties, and VAT fees are covered by Bandbox. Shipping speeds will vary between one and four days depending on region.

USPS:  The importer is responsible for paying any relevant customs, duties & taxes to your local postal or tax service.

What do I do if a shipment is lost or returned by the shipping services?

Check with your local post office and see if they can provide more information on where your package is and when it is scheduled to be delivered. If a significant time has passed and your package has been misplaced or lost, reach out to us at and we can hopefully arrange a reshipment of your order. If your package is unclaimed for any reason and returned to us, additional shipping charges may be incurred by the customer. 

Can I combine discount codes?

Customers are only allowed to use one discount code per order and codes cannot be applied to product bundles.


If your question isn't answered above, please email us at! Please allow up to 48 hours for us to respond M-F.