Bandbox Exclusive Eco-Mix Recycled Vinyl


Adrianne Lenker

adrianne lenker - abysskiss (Bandbox Exclusive Eco-Mix Recycled Vinyl - All Colors Vary) adri


Adrianne Lenker recorded her third solo record, 'abysskiss,' in between the Big Thief albums 'Capacity' and 'U.F.O.F.' The music world was just starting to fall under the spell of her brilliant songwriting at this point, and this fragile, tender collection of songs continued the creative momentum that Lenker had created with her Big Thief bandmates and on her own. The first two spare, solo tunes on 'abysskiss' would end up getting the full band treatment on 'U.F.O.F.', as Lenker eventually reworked both "Terminal Paradise" and "From" with Big Thief. Bandbox is delighted to present an exclusive release of 'abysskiss' on "Eco-Mix Recycled Vinyl," an environmentally-friendly pressing process that reuses scraps and shavings from old vinyl to make new records. Bandbox's vinyl exclusive of 'abysskiss' also comes with a 16-page zine featuring wonderful photographs alongside an engaging and unguarded interview with Adrianne Lenker. She shares stories about what the writing and recording process was like for her on this album, as well as generously breaking down her wonderful solo record track-by-track.