Bandbox Exclusive Pink Marble Sunset Vinyl

American Football [LP3]

American Football

American Football [LP3] (Bandbox Exclusive Pink Marble Sunset Vinyl)


Bandbox is pleased to present the third full-length album from American Football, on gorgeous "Pink Marble Sunset" vinyl. LP3, the third self-titled album from American Football, includes the potent lead single, "Silhouettes," as well as Mike Kinsella's Midwest emo nod to Pink Floyd, "Uncomfortably Numb," which features Paramore's Hayley Williams on guest vocals. LP3's other two singles also feature vocal contributions from two more iconic women of indie rock, Slowdive's Rachel Goswell on "I Can't Feel You," and Land Of Talk's Elizabeth Powell on "Every Wave To Ever Rise." Their voices all mesh well with Kinsella's, and give a fresh vibrancy to American Football's pulsating rhythms and churning guitars. In addition to our exclusive color vinyl variant of 'American Football,' our edition also comes with a zine dedicated to the band featuring photographs, essays, and a group interview where they share the oral history of American Football.