Bandbox Exclusive Silver Vinyl



Bedouine - Waysides (Bandbox Exclusive Silver Vinyl)


Bandbox is pleased to offer an exclusive pressing of Bedouine's splendid 2021 album, 'Waysides,' on striking silver vinyl. While this album was technically a new release for singer/songwriter Azniv Korkejian, she combed through her musical archives and old demos and reworked and finally finished old unreleased songs for this record. Some of the tracks date back over a decade, as Korkejian breathed new life into her discarded, forgotten, and unpolished old songs and shared them fresh and anew with her fans. The results are stunning and deeply moving, as these fragile, tender tracks take on the well-earned wisdom of a maturing musician who is both looking back on her past creative self and forging ahead while carving out her own distinctive path in the music industry. In addition to Bandbox's exclusive color vinyl variant, our edition of 'Waysides' also comes with a 16-page zine dedicated to Bedouine featuring an engaging and insightful interview with Azniv Korkejian where she discusses the backstory of the album and generously goes through 'Waysides' track-by-track, sharing the inspirations behind her hauntingly lovely songs.