Bandbox Exclusive Neon Orange + Green + Blue Swirl Vinyl



Boneworks - Bonetones (Bandbox Exclusive Neon Orange + Green + Blue Swirl Vinyl)


Bandbox is thrilled to present the first-ever vinyl release of 'Bonetones,' the official game soundtrack composed by Michael Wyckoff for the first-person shooter VR game 'Boneworks.' Our absolutely gorgeous 3LP set is presented on "Neon Orange + Green + Blue Swirl" vinyl. These stylish color variants are as visually appealing as the dynamic gameplay on 'Boneworks,' the wildly successful virtual reality game developed and published by Stress Level Zero. And the pristine sound of Bandbox's vinyl exclusive will bring Wyckoff's soundtrack to vivid, dynamic life on your home hi-fi speakers instead of your game headsets. Our spectacular colored vinyl edition of 'Bonetones' also comes with a 16-page full-color zine, which features insights to how the soundtrack was composed, how the music perfectly suited the gameplay of 'Boneworks,' and share behind the scenes glimpses into the making of the music as well as the VR game.