Bandbox Exclusive Black + Gold Marble Vinyl


Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry - Chuck (Bandbox Exclusive Black + Gold Marble Vinyl)


'Chuck' is the twentieth, and sadly final, studio album from the Father Of Rock and Roll, Chuck Berry. To commemorate the distinguished musical legacy of Mr. Berry, Bandbox is honored to present an exclusive pressing of 'Chuck' on sleek "Black + Gold Marble" vinyl. Following a studio fire that destroyed much of the early recordings, demos, and musical sketches of what would end up being Berry's last batch of new songs, Berry and his band set about creating them again from memory and completing the finished versions that would end up on his eponymous final album, his first new studio album in four decades. There is a reflective quality to these songs, with Berry affectionately looking back at the people and places that have influenced and impacted him over the years. He also pays loving tribute to his wife and children with these songs, which still have the creative passion and vibrant spirit that Berry was known for, as well as guitar hooks galore. In addition to Bandbox's exclusive color vinyl release of 'Chuck,' our edition also includes a 16-page zine dedicated to Chuck Berry. The zine features essays about Berry's music, his legacy, and his career, along with wonderful photographs of the Father of Rock and Roll on stage and in the studio, as well as an engaging and insightful interview with Chuck's son, Charles Berry Jr., who shares wonderful stories about his legendary father and what it was like to perform on stage alongside of him.