Bandbox Exclusive Pink + White Marble Vinyl

Live from Blueberry Hill

Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry - Live from Blueberry Hill (Bandbox Exclusive Pink + White Marble Vinyl)


Rock and Roll legend Chuck Berry always remained close and connected to his beloved hometown of St. Louis throughout his celebrated career. These ties were most apparent through Berry's longstanding monthly residency at The Duck Room at Blueberry Hill, an intimate 300-capacity club in the Delmar Loop district of St. Louis. The venue was founded by Chuck's longtime friend and confidant, Joe Edwards. And it was one of Berry's favorite places to play in the entire world. Bandbox's exclusive colored vinyl of 'Live From Blueberry Hill' captures one of Berry's scorching sets from that small room, with Chuck's fiery guitar riffs and vibrant personality and charm coming through loud and clear in these prized recordings featuring most of Berry's most celebrated songs. Our pressing is on gorgeous "Pink and White Marble" vinyl, and is paired with a lavish 16-page full color zine dedicated to the late, great Founding Father Of Rock and Roll. In addition to beautiful photographs and insightful essays looking back on Berry's career and impact on modern music, Chuck's son Charles Berry Jr. graciously gave us an interview where he shared stories about his dad's career and told us what it was like to perform alongside his father on stage at his beloved Blueberry Hill. Hail Hail Rock and Roll, and Hail Hail Chuck Berry!