Bandbox Exclusive Yellow Vinyl

A Thing Called Divine Fits

Divine Fits

Divine Fits - A Thing Called Divine Fits (Bandbox Exclusive Yellow Vinyl)


Divine Fits is (was?) an indie rock dream team comprised of Spoon's Britt Daniel and Wolf Parade's Dan Boeckner. Bandbox is celebrating the tenth anniversary of Divine Fits debut (and, thus far, only) album, 'A Thing Called Divine Fits,' by releasing it on exclusive yellow vinyl which perfectly matches the record's striking, cherry-focused cover art. After Daniel and Boeckner's tentative discussions about starting a band together (following their initial meeting at a Handsome Furs show), they went about forming an actual group (rounded out by Sam Brown of New Bomb Turks and keyboardist Alex Fischel of Papa--now in Spoon), writing some songs and playing live. The hype for Divine Fits was immediate and immense, based on their musical pedigrees as well as their potent but ramshackle early gigs.Rather than merely being derivative of their other bands' highly recognizable sound, Divine Fits created an entirely fresh and fiery sonic direction. Lead singles "Ain't That The Way" and "Chained to Love," along with the Minneapolis-namechecking "Would That Not Be Nice," all have a raw, propulsive urgency to them, not overthought or carefully considered--which is part of Divine Fits charm. Adding to the appeal of our yellow colored vinyl exclusive of 'A Thing Called Divine Fits' is an accompanying 16-page full color zine featuring a lively interview with Daniel and Boeckner where they discuss the band's origins and their cultural impact, as well as the duo going track-by-track through their album. If this ends up being the one and only Divine Fits album when all is said and done, what a rousing musical statement they made. 'A Thing Called Divine Fits' just keeps sounding better with each passing year.