Bandbox Exclusive Tangerine Dream Vinyl

You Get It All

Hayes Carll

Hayes Carll - You Get It All (Bandbox Exclusive Tangerine Dream Vinyl)


Bandbox is pleased to offer an exclusive pressing of Hayes Carll's 2021 studio album, 'You Get It All,' on stunning "Tangerine Dream" colored vinyl. The Woodlands, Texas based singer/songwriter has really perfected his weathered Americana sound over his 20+ years in the music industry, culminating in a Grammy nomination for Best Country Song in 2016. Carll's yearning, evocative songwriting is on wonderful display throughout 'You Get It All,' an album that fluidly blends loneliness with longing, and love with loss, with all of those raw emotions expressed on Carll's gorgeous duet with Brandy Clark, "In The Meantime." It is a decidedly lived-in sounding record that proudly wears its heart on its dusty, rolled-up shirtsleeves, leaving listeners tempted to immediately hit the road and find your long lost love, or belly up to the bar and drink with your partner and your friends until you close the place down. In addition to Bandbox's stylish colored vinyl exclusive of 'You Get It All,' our edition also comes with a 16-page zine focused on Hayes Carll's musical career and his successful catalog of country hits. Along with striking photographs of Carll on stage and in the studio, our zine also features a lengthy interview with Hayes as well as his insightful track-by-track breakdown of his lovely album.