Bandbox Exclusive Mint + White Swirl Vinyl

Everybody Works

Jay Som

Jay Som -Everybody Works (Bandbox Exclusive Mint + White Swirl Vinyl)


Bandbox is thrilled to offer an exclusive vinyl pressing of Jay Som's critically lauded second album, 'Everybody Works.' Our edition is on stylish "Mint + White Swirl" vinyl, and comes with alternate cover art only available through Bandbox. 'Everybody Works' received a coveted Best New Music recognition from Pitchfork when it was first released back in 2017, and all of the hype is well deserved as the record is a brilliant creative statement from an artist who found her distinctive voice. There is an intimate bedroom pop charm to 'Everybody Works,' as the intensely personal themes and ideas that Melina Duterte explores in these songs sound like pages ripped directly from her childhood diary. There is a tender, hushed quality to these tracks that are both comforting and confrontational in their brutal honesty. In addition to our exclusive colored vinyl pressing of 'Everybody Works' and the alternate cover art that is unique to our release, our edition also comes with a 16-page zine dedicated to Jay Som, featuring an engaging, candid interview with Melina Duterte where she shares where she was at creatively and personally when she wrote 'Everybody Works,' as well as her insightful track-by-track breakdown of the album.