Bandbox Exclusive Pink + White Galaxy Vinyl

Turn Out the Lights

Julien Baker

Julien Baker - Turn Out the Lights (Bandbox Exclusive Pink + White Galaxy Vinyl)


Julien Baker's soul-stirring second album, 'Turn Out The Lights,' gets the Bandbox exclusive colored vinyl treatment, issued on a stunning "Pink + White Galaxy" variant. Following the critical and commercial success of her debut record, 'Sprained Ankle,' Baker signed with iconic indie label Matador Records for her highly anticipated follow-up. Matador helped bring her brilliant new collection of songs to a wider, and wildly receptive, audience. But 'Turn Out The Lights' is the type of album that is so damn good that it would have found a home in the hearts of Baker's fans no matter what. These songs are both fragile and fierce, heartbreaking and hopeful, vulnerable and victorious. Baker tenderly shares so many intimate parts of herself throughout this album that listening to it feels like a spiritual privilege as well as a small invasion of her privacy. But after you are done with the record, you feel that you know Julien Baker a lot better than you did before you dropped the needle down on the album, and she helped you get to know yourself a little better at the same time.