Bandbox Exclusive Blue Swirl / Red + Yellow Swirl Vinyl

Lake Street Dive / Fun Machine

Lake Street Dive

Lake Street Dive / Fun Machine (Bandbox Exclusive Blue Swirl & Red + Yellow Swirl Vinyl)


Lake Street Dive's celebrated self-titled record from 2010 is once again paired with their lively 2012 covers EP, 'Fun Machine,' on this gorgeous Bandbox exclusive pressed on "Blue Swirl & Red + Yellow Swirl" vinyl. The two vibrant releases serve as ideal compliments to each other, as the Boston quintet is able to give a warm nod to their influences and inspirations on 'Fun Machine,' while showing how they took those sounds and styles in their own unique directions on 'Lake Street Dive.' The band expertly fuses modern pop flourishes with a classic jazz sound, creating buoyant, effervescent songs that swing and hold plenty of surprises. Their well-chosen covers on 'Fun Machine' run the gamut of pop legends like George Michael, The Jackson 5, Hall & Oates, The Drifters, and Paul McCartney & Wings, all bands that have directly influenced the pop leanings of Lake Street Dive's songwriting. Bandbox has brought these two albums back together again for the first time since 2013, giving fans a complete look and listen as to where Lake Street Dive were at creatively and musically a decade ago, while providing hints as to where they would confidently take their sound going forward.