Bandbox Exclusive Black + White Splatter Vinyl

The Avalanche


The Avalanche (Bandbox Exclusive Black + White Splatter Vinyl)


We here at Bandbox are clearly big fans of Mike Kinsella's work. We've released vinyl exclusives from his bands Cap'n Jazz and American Football, and welcomed his solo side project Owen to our Popup Record Shop in Minneapolis in 2021 (and pressed a recording of that performance on vinyl to boot!). So it makes perfect sense that we partnered with Kinsella once again to release an exclusive pressing of Owen's most recent album, 'The Avalanche,' on striking "Black + White Splatter" vinyl. There is a raw vulnerability coursing through the entire album, epitomized by the emotional lead singles, "A New Muse" and "On With The Show," as well as the stunning duets with Now, Now's KC Dalager, "Mom And Dead" and "I Go, Ego." In addition to Bandbox's stylish colored vinyl pressing of 'The Avalanche,' our exclusive edition of this album also comes with a spectacular 16-page zine dedicated to all things Owen and Mike Kinsella. Alongside a series of wonderful photographs of Kinsella on stage and in the studio featured throughout the zine, we also share a candid, thoughtful interview with Mike and affectionately look back on his extraordinary musical career and what he has planned next.