Bandbox Exclusive Orange + Black Swirl Vinyl


Slow Pulp

Slow Pulp - Moveys (Bandbox Exclusive Orange + Black Swirl Vinyl)


**The fanzine for this album is out of stock and will not be reprinted or included with the shipment**

Bandbox is thrilled to release an exclusive pressing of Slow Pulp's dynamic full-length debut album, 'Moveys,' on stylish "Orange + Black Swirl" vinyl. After releasing a series of well-received EPs, the Chicago-by-way-of-Madison quartet finally were ready to write and record their first album in late 2019. Some tragic life events as well as the pandemic got in the way of their initial creative plans. But the group grew closer together during the arduous recording process, resulting in an album filled with a youthful urgency and dynamic potency that resonates in each of the record's ten rousing tracks. In addition to Bandbox's exclusive colored vinyl pressing of 'Moveys,' our edition also comes with a 16-page zine dedicated to all things Slow Pulp. Alongside a series of photographs of the band on the road, on stage, and in the studio, the zine also features a candid, engaging interview with the entire band where they discuss their origins, their creative inspirations, and what direction they are heading in next, as well as breaking down their album track-by-track and sharing insights into the meaning and motivations behind each of their spirited songs.