Bandbox Exclusive Blue + Black + White Twist Vinyl

The '59 Sound

The Gaslight Anthem

The Gaslight Anthem - The '59 Sound (Bandbox Exclusive Blue + Black + White Twist Vinyl)


The Gaslight Anthem's rousing second album gets the Bandbox exclusive colored vinyl treatment, as we present 'The '59 Sound' on a beautiful "Blue + Black + White Swirl" pressing. The New Brunswick, New Jersey quartet really hit their creative stride on this record, and the music world definitely took notice. That included fellow Jersey boy Bruce Springsteen -- a clear influence and inspiration for the band -- who joined Gaslight Anthem during their high profile sets at Glastonbury and Hyde Park. Getting the Boss' stamp of approval helped expose the band to a wider audience, and they haven't looked back since. 'The '59 Sound' is filled with songs that feature thoughtful, penetrating storytelling that listeners can easily identify with and take to heart. Tracks like "Great Expectations," "Old White Lincoln" and "The '59 Sound" all become boisterous, singalong anthems in the Gaslight Anthem's raucous live shows, and it was this album that helped break the band and give them the passionate fan base that these type of spirited songs call out for.



The Gaslight Anthem - "The '59 Sound"