Bandbox Exclusive Red + Black Marble Vinyl

All Eternals Deck

The Mountain Goats

All Eternals Deck (Bandbox Exclusive Red + Black Marble Vinyl)


Bandbox really went all out for our 10th anniversary vinyl exclusive of The Mountain Goats' 2011 indie classic, 'All Eternals Deck.' Our limited-edition pressing (only 500 copies) is on sleek "Red + Black Marble" vinyl, which compliments the album's stylish cover art as well as the dark themes that John Darnielle explores throughout the songs on the record. In addition to our gorgeous color vinyl variant of 'All Eternals Deck,' this Bandbox exclusive also comes with a 16-page full-color zine, featuring lovely photographs as well as an in-depth interview with John Darnielle where he candidly discusses where he was at creatively when he wrote and recorded the album. Darnielle also generously goes through the entire record track-by-track, sharing his thoughts and inspirations behind every stunning song on the album. 'All Eternals Deck' is such a wonderful, thought-provoking album that its 10th anniversary deserves to be celebrated in a major way, and this Bandbox vinyl exclusive honors the record right and proper.