Bandbox Exclusive Ghostly Blue + Violet Vinyl

Silver Tongue


TORRES - Silver Tongue (Bandbox Exclusive Ghostly Blue + Violet Vinyl)


Bandbox is pleased to release Torres' wonderful fourth album, 'Silver Tongue,' on exclusive "Ghostly Blue + Violet" vinyl. This record is an intimate collection of inventive tunes that showcase Mackenzie Scott's creative growth as both a singer and songwriter. The album's lead singles, "Good Scare" and "Gracious Day," both reflect a searching, abandoned nature, following Torres' unceremonious departure from her former record label, 4AD. Merge Records proved to be the perfect fit for her and these resolute new batch of songs, which take on an assured air of confidence and experimentalism that is reflected in both the sanguine lyrical content and the adventurous arrangements. Bandbox's exclusive color vinyl variant of 'Silver Tongue' is also paired with a 16-page zine featuring photos from Torres' performance at our Popup Record Shop as well as an insightful interview with Mackenzie Scott including her track-by-track guide to the splendid songs on 'Silver Tongue.'