Bandbox Exclusive Cool Gray Vinyl


Trampled by Turtles

Trampled by Turtles - Palomino (Bandbox Exclusive Cool Gray Vinyl)


Bandbox is a proud Minnesota-based company, and we are thrilled whenever we get the chance to share the musical talent of our great state with our customers. Duluth's Trampled By Turtles is the first exclusive vinyl release by a Minnesota group that we did at Bandbox, and we are well pleased with how the package turned out. We reissued TBT's beloved 2010 album, 'Palomino,' on "Cool Gray" vinyl (limited to 1,000 copies), which perfectly matches the solitary elegance of the owl drawing from the cover art. 'Palomino' is Trampled By Turtles big breakthrough album, where they went from being a favorite band of Minnesota music fans to being one of the entire country's most beloved bluegrass groups. The folksy, countrified charms of "Wait So Long" and "Victory" quickly became foot-stomping, passionate hits at TBT's ever-expanding live shows, as their audience continued to grow while word about their musical talents spread far and wide. The success of the album even inspired the band to host their own music festival in Minnesota, with Festival Palomino having a great multi-year run of bringing like minded musicians to the Twin Cities area while also showcasing Trampled By Turtles in front of their wildly supportive Minnesota fan base. In addition to the sleek colored vinyl, this Bandbox exclusive release of 'Palomino' comes with a beautiful 16-page Trampled By Turtles zine featuring an interview with the band as well as their track-by-track guide to the album and exclusive photographs of the group during this truly life-changing time of their musical career.