Bandbox Exclusive Beige Marble Vinyl



Watchhouse - Watchhouse (Bandbox Exclusive Beige Marble Vinyl)


Following a name change from Mandolin Orange to Watchhouse in April of 2021, the Chapel Hill, North Carolina folk duo showcased their new moniker by releasing their eponymous new album, 'Watchhouse.' Bandbox is pleased to present a vinyl exclusive of 'Watchhouse,' pressed on a "Beige Marble" color variant. Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz may have changed the name of their group but they thankfully kept the meditative tranquility of their early work going with Watchhouse. These nine new songs have a graceful eloquence that is augmented by the group's spare but evocative arrangements. Marlin and Frantz are joined by Josh Oliver on guitar, Clint Mullican on bass, Joe Westerlund on drums, Josh Kauffman on organ/piano, and Dave Nelson on trumpet/trombone. In addition to our exclusive colored vinyl of 'Watchhouse,' our edition also comes with a 16-page zine featuring an interview with Marlin and Frantz where they share their thoughts about the history of the band and the creative direction they are heading now and in the future, as well as the duo providing a candid track-by-track breakdown of the inspirations and insights behind their new album.