Bandbox Exclusive "Smoky's Song" Marble Vinyl

Heart Like a Levee

Hiss Golden Messenger

Hiss Golden Messenger - Heart Like a Levee (Bandbox Exclusive "Smoky's Song" Marble Vinyl)


Bandbox is thrilled to offer up an exclusive pressing of Hiss Golden Messenger's brilliant seventh album, 'Heart Like A Levee,' on glorious "Smoky's Song' Marble" vinyl. M.C. Taylor, the mastermind behind Hiss Golden Messenger, shares a vulnerable, fragile part of himself in each of these 11 songs. Through Taylor's penetrating lyrics, he tenderly gives voice to some of life's eternal questions and the troubling concerns that keep us up at night. Taylor is backed by an ace band throughout the album who help bring a vibrant pulse to these arrangements, while augmenting the raw emotions and passionate sincerity expressed in each tune. In addition to the stylish colored vinyl featured in Bandbox's exclusive release of 'Heart Like A Levee,' our edition also comes with a 16-page zine focused on Hiss Golden Messenger. In addition to an unguarded, openhearted interview with M.C. Taylor, as well as his insightful track-by-track guide to 'Heart Like A Levee,' the zine also features wonderful photographs of Hiss Golden Messenger on stage and in the studio, as well as informative essays about Taylor's musical career and his impressive creative output in recent years.