Bandbox Exclusive Blue Wave Swirl Vinyl

Good Grief


Lucius - Good Grief (Bandbox Exclusive Blue Wave Swirl Vinyl)


Bandbox is delighted to release Lucius' second studio album, 'Good Grief,' on an exclusive "Blue Wave Swirl" color vinyl variant. Coming after the success of their full-length debut, 'Wildewoman,' and the worldwide tour in support of that album, 'Good Grief' continued Lucius' creative and commercial momentum. The group's vibrant sound is led by the golden, angelic harmonies of Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig. Though within their soothing, dulcet vocals, there are themes of heartbreak, hardships, and loss, giving the blissful, buoyant tones of Lucius' music a darker, contemplative edge. "Born Again Teen" and "Dusty Trails" were both hit singles from 'Good Grief,' and the album's success carried the group to high profile performances on late night talk shows, big name festivals, and even an appearance on Cameron Crowe's Showtime series, 'Roadies.' Bandbox's stunning vinyl pressing of 'Good Grief' also comes with an in depth interview with Wolfe and Laessig. They candidly shared where they were at personally and professionally when they wrote and recorded 'Good Grief,' as well as providing an illuminating track-by-track guide to their album, sharing the personal motivations and inspirations behind these deeply moving and uplifting set of songs.